I have been interested in technology since I saw an ad of a Sinclair ZX80 in my dad’s science magazine. From there on I got interested in computers and wanted one. It took a few years until I was finally given a used ITT2020 and a monochrome monitor as a birthday present. At that point I had taught myself BASIC already and started looking at the mysteries of Assembler, in this case the 6502.

Later on I did my masters at the Technical University of Berlin before starting to work for a very large consulting firm, now the biggest system integrator, even larger then IBM.

To me technology is something you can read about or you can read and play with, the later is what I prefer. From the humble beginnings of having my own domain and a simple webpage I have continuously upgraded and for now settled on a WordPress site for things I want to share with the world. I don’t believe in sharing a private, family matters, neither through my open sites nor my Facebook page. However, I do appreciate to participate and communicate in other matters on the global stage.

I believe that Wikipedia is one of the greatest achievements of our society and just hope that one day education will be as much aspired as watching TV or doing sport, which still seems to be higher up on most peoples minds.