Public Transport and Positive Options

When you go traveling and visit places you come across some great things, which I would like to document in my “Great Things” category and I just hope that officials in different countries would learn from others.

While traveling the US and passing through Salt Lake City I saw some public transport buses with pushbike carriers in the front and I thought to myself, wow this is something we should have in Australia or Germany, since I hadn’t come across this option yet. Yes, some countries do cater for it pushbikes on trains, but how many do that on buses? I guess the same is true for allowing for luggage, prams, and wheelchairs. Thinking further the integration of public transport and personal transport options like pushbikes should be looked at. Not only would that be good for the environment, but it would also provide for a more efficient transport system.

On the other hand I love the busses in Germany that can be lowered at the curb to allow very easy access for wheelchairs and prams, you can literally just roll on. An issue I have seen in other countries where the busses and trams are very hard to access, because of height differences. Again, if looked at this issue could easily be overcome by careful planning.

I guess there are many more options and thoughts on this topic, but this will do for now and I might elaborate more later when I have some more time.